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The story was not as compelling and the freshness faded quickly

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По умолчанию The story was not as compelling and the freshness faded quickly

What Madden NFL 22 Needs to Be able to do right after NFL 22 Launch.Although it's hard to say for Mut 22 coins yet certain, Madden NFL 22 is very likely. The fact that rumors have already started about who will be featured on the cover as well as what's included within the game isn't an excellent thing for Electronic Arts.

After all, the recent backlash from fans when it occurred to Madden NFL 22 is no secret. Even the company itself acknowledged people weren't thrilled with the final product at the time it was released. EA must take concrete, real-world improvements in a variety of areas if it will avoid another backlash.

It's not a surprise that a brand which has existed for as for as long as Madden NFL is a bit dull nowadays. There are other sports games out there that have been around more than a decade, and don't get the same kind of response each time new installments come out. Fans want something to be excited about and real advancements could be the answer.

It was a truly innovative addition to Madden NFL 20's Face of the Franchise mode. Similar to the features that is offered by the NBA 2K franchise has offered for a few months it was a way for players to "live the experience" of a promising player that would later become an NFL superstar.

Yes, there was the ability to play actual games or at least a portion of buy Madden 22 coins them game, but the focus was more on the cinematic elements. The second part of this mode was less excitement than the previous. The story was not as compelling and the freshness faded quickly.
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