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Do you think a PM can help me with?

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По умолчанию Do you think a PM can help me with?

I've looked everywhere in RuneScape Gold the hope that the ashes will reappear somewhere (like the doll that returned from Niloof, the dwarf) however, I haven't been able find them. I tried dropping the doll and then taking another from the dwarf...but I got the same result (got the Shadow but not the Ashes)

Do you think a PM can help me with? How can I reach one? I have already sent an email to Jagex claiming this might be a glitch in the game but have not received a response in the past week.

Okay, so after the last two days I got my 70attk, I bought my Abyssal Whip, but I was wondering what other equipment should I purchase to gain more bonuses from my stats? Let's say that I wanted to boost my stat bonuses for strength or attack. What kind of equipment should I purchase? I have a $3 mil budget.

I recently got 99 Fletching and while on my quest, I came up with the thought of getting 99 Woodcutting after Fletching Then, I would like to get 99 Firemaking. A new idea was born: Purchase an Saradomin or godsword. I'm not able to purchase a Godsword and I'm not willing to spend 80% of my savings for the Saradomin Sword.

I estimated the profits. 1,232 was the price of a log. It rose. It's about 1.5k today. This is multiplied by the number of Buy OSRS Accounts logs required to make 99 WC (which is around 35K to 36K). In the end I'll be able to get 44M or more which is enough for an SS, Godsword, or something totally different.
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