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RSVSR NBA 2K22 Tips: How to Earn VC

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По умолчанию RSVSR NBA 2K22 Tips: How to Earn VC

VC or Virtual Currency as it’s called in NBA 2K22 is what everybody is grinding for in My Career and My Team modes. This currency allows you to not only build up your My Player, but also allows you to purchase card packs to build out your team in My Team. So the questions that all NBA 2K players will run into at one time or another is how to get VC fast and easy. Some methods are definitely better than others, but this guide will explain some of the fastest and easiest ways to get VC in NBA 2K22.

Be a Team Player

The best starting place for you to earn VC is by simply playing good Basketball in the MyCareer mode. Your every move will have an impact on the VC that you’re going to earn at the end of the game. Be a team player, not just a team scorer. You will be rewarded with some VC when scoring points, assisting teammates, getting the rebounds, and forcing turnovers.

As mentioned, the VC that you will be getting after the game depends on your performance during the match. Be a team player and get the highest grade if you can. Of course, if you perform badly in the game, you will also lose some VC. During your progress in MyCareer mode, you will unlock more VC income sources such as sponsor deals and more.

My Career Mode

Focusing on your career in the NBA is one of the fastest ways to just organically level up your character. Along the way you’ll complete a myriad of different challenges without really even thinking about it and you’ll be racking up VC in the process. Instead of sitting in Pro-Am, Betting in Ante Up, and other methods… Career Mode allows you to experience this mode in the way that it was designed to be. There’s a lot of stuff in your Career path that will earn you VC:

Ante Up

If you’re good at 2K22 gambling is always going to be the way where you can make the most VC the fastest way possible. You can do this now on the Ante Up Courts. These courts allow players to bet a set amount of VC before the games. These matches are played on indoor courts in The City. The inside of the Ante Building resembles a casino in terms of aesthetic and like a casino, you’ve got a very real chance of losing your VC just as much as you do winning more.

Playing your League Games

Like the Rec Games and the Pro Am Games you’ll earn plenty of VC for playing in your NBA games. Even if you’re riding the bench you’ll get something in terms of VC for your time.

The game not only allows the purchase of VC, but also MT Coins , but it can be quite heavy on the wallet. However, there’s an alternate way you can obtain NBA 2K MT at significantly cheaper prices, and it is RSVSR.

The internet has seen a lot of comments about what to expect from NBA 22, and hopefully, this chapter gives players an early look at the new features that we'll be able to see for ourselves when the game releases on September 10, to learn more about NBA 2K22, If you need to buy 2K22 MT Coins , offers you the lowest price, fast delivery and the safest deal.
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