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It is recommended to include a sticky titled

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По умолчанию It is recommended to include a sticky titled

I'll explain what I think Jagex (according my opinion) could have handled the Ice Strykewyrms. Personally, I am still puzzled why Jagex has the rants forum and recent updates, feedback, etc. There are too many topics to choose from (often filled with rubbish) and for OSRS gold everyone to be read. They must first shut down the rants forum. The second thing they need to announce is that they will not make use of any feedback that is posted in the Recent Updates forum. That forum should be for discussions only. The most recent updates should be posted together with a topic in the Feedback forum. This will allow players to give feedback.

It is recommended to include a sticky titled "Discussion Request" to your subject. Within this topic, users can request topics so they can discuss (or complain about) things they believe need to be changed. Feedback or rants that are posted in the wrong forums to attract Jagex the attention of Jagex should be hidden by Forum Mods. This is a very effective filter that blocks spam and allows Jagex to look into the real issues.

It's all fine and well however, how do you think Jagex have handled Ice Strykewyrms? The answer is simple: no. Instead, they could have created an online poll that would allow participants to buy RuneScape Mobile gold vote on a compromise. They should sort votes like a madman when they're conducting this. They should be able to determine how certain groups voted, these groups include.
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