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Escape from Tarkov is an expansion of the Customs map

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По умолчанию Escape from Tarkov is an expansion of the Customs map

The recreation has captivated a whole lot of EFT Roubles players with its realistic mechanics and hardcore gameplay and it is now specializing in expanding its content material with new additions. The first aspect that players will be aware whilst the patch is carried out is that they will have get right of entry to to new weapons, such as the FN GL40 transportable grenade launcher, and additionally new types of ammunition.

The predominant novelty that the replace 12.7 brings to Escape from Tarkov is an expansion of the Customs map, one of the oldest available in the sport, on the way to now offer about 30% more terrain to cowl and get right of entry to to sure buildings that players couldn't enter before. But there may also be some adjustments to other Escape from Tarkov maps. Shoreline can even see a few modifications with the addition of a brand new scav boss, Sanitar, that's a former physician capable of heal different scavs.

He has additionally supplied them with LOLGA a whole lot of stim packs in order to make encounters in the area greater difficult as they may decorate enemies' overall performance. Players may also be able to take benefit of those new stims but they will need to be very cautious because they could have some critical side effects.
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