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Some Professional Grade Tips for Rocket League

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По умолчанию Some Professional Grade Tips for Rocket League

To play well in Rocket League, there are many recommendations on the web , but the foremost important tips for being an honest team player and winning aren't ball-chasing, choosing the simplest time to challenge, passing, not over-committing and taking control of the ball.

Ball-Chasing: Ball chasing is when the player isn’t patient and follows the ball around rather than expecting an honest time to travel for the ball.

Challenging: There are many moments when a player is dribbling towards you and therefore the opponent may have the ball in good control. These are moments once you shouldn’t challenge. If you ever see a flash where it’s harder than usual for them to urge the ball around you, you challenge them and take that chance . Of course, if you’re in doubles and particularly threes, you can
challenge in order that they need to try to to something to urge the ball around you, making it easier for your team.

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