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Escape From Tarkov update patch notes: price changes & more

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По умолчанию Escape From Tarkov update patch notes: price changes & more

In recent weeks and months, Battlestate Games have continued to stay shake Tarkov fresh with new content and bug fixes. Though, not everything has gone down a storm with fans. The devs recently apologized for a change they made to a couple of quests.

However, since then, they’ve dropped two new updates – one on Saints Peter and Paul where they added two fresh quests for players over level ten, and another on July 3.

The latter was more of a tweak focused update instead of a full-blown patch, with changes being made to sale prices and spawn rates in certain scenarios.

Passing are a couple of things EFT players are genuinely terrified of . Kicking the container infers not just losing inside the ambush: you other than may lose most of your things EFT Items. it will take hours to develop enough cash to get a most cherished gun or fundamental mod.

There's no found the opportunity to suffer: about everything in Tarkov are much of the time purchased. LOLGA guarantees smart movement and any total you may need .
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