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Path of Exile offers the foremost endgame content

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По умолчанию Path of Exile offers the foremost endgame content

Compared with Diablo, Path of Exile offers the foremost endgame content and replay value. Primarily, players will make final victory once they are through with campaign on all difficulties, which is typically by the time you're in POE Currency level 60’s.

The core feature of endgame is that the mapping system. If you've got played the similar games, you'll have experienced this in other games, but Path of Exile adds its own fresh idea by introducing ‘craftable’ maps.

just like the gear, you'll craft all maps to form them tougher and fun. In return, it brings you more rewards for the quantity of challenge you pursue. Mapping is that the best thanks to gear and level up for late game.
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path of exile

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