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I concur with your list but Clowney's production

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По умолчанию I concur with your list but Clowney's production

These were. My point was that Mut 20 coins stats do not tell the entire story and can not be used as the only way to quantify how great a Madden NFL player is.That's true, but they have other stats to attempt and show how good that Madden NFL player is other than simply sacks. Tackles for losses and quarterback hurries. Idk what his stats seem for that but playing across from the defensive Madden NFL player of the year, you'd think he'd just fear on dual teams.Bo Jackson is one which always gets me. I get there's a big what if factor for his career and also the tecmo bowl dominance but the guy has less career rushing yards compared to CMC. I am pretty sure if CMC needed to retire he would not be receiving a card at MUT every year.

I concur with your list but Clowney's production goes past the stats sheet. He was a top grade advantage rusher and lead the league in disrupted dropbacks. His was about 10% that is just unfortunate although normally the conversion rate on qb hits to sack is 45-50 %. Compare it to someone like Shaq Barrett who had been near clowney but was someone in the typical range with this stat.To be honest, I am more confused with the lack of cards from Madden NFL. The way I build my team is that I scroll through the 96-99 overalls on auction, I then search for their power ups and get to work. When I was looking another day, there's like almost no option for RG.

Wut? All this time I've been trying to build the big names when these under cards have killer stats up. I've always felt they should perform a selection of like guys who completely dominated in school. I also wish they'd add more former Madden NFL players for each group. I love having Deuce McAllister and Tracy Porter, provide us a few more great former guys. Sorry lol, got totally side tracked there, but just my thoughts on it.

EA provides those guys good cards cause they are good in madden. Mays and the skillsets of Vick translate well into Madden NFL. As for Clowney, he's pretty great in real life and was clearly one of the better options for a FA master. Giving someone a great card in Madden since they are great in Madden is chicken and the egg. Clowney has rate but his pass rush stats do not reflect his creation. He is also not locking tier receivers on article routes up. Mays skill sets does not interpret to cheap Madden nfl 20 coins Madden. No career interceptions does not translate to jumping routes that are not possible. Speed translates but his accuracy doesn't.
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