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I'm pretty sure this was already known but folks

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По умолчанию I'm pretty sure this was already known but folks

I really hope this means we can go the route of OSRS gold creating a 2012scape like the way OSRS started. I don't even mind not getting updates if it isn't popular, I just genuinely think RSHD was a much better and more enjoyable game. I miss Chaotics, Summoning, Curses, Overloads and all the other overpowered things folks complain about on this sub. I am convinced OSRS people who enjoy Runescape game will be delighted to see us leave.

I'm pretty sure this was already known but folks wanted a previous version of Runescape game.No they undoubtedly said from the original OSRS poll that there was not a later complete backup accessible. Plus people were already enjoying content like GWD (wasnt in OSRS on release), soul wars, and Fist of Guthix. I have a hard time thinking that Runescape players wanted by reverting all the way back to 21, these eliminated. EOC made the moment. You are currently adding your recollection and private feelings. The large majority asked for oldschool game servers. August onwards undoubtedly means that they were searching for copies going even farther back as 2006scape was the objective.

Does everything change? - Since, when EOC was released the vast majority of the Runescape players didn't enjoy it and they wanted RS2 back, but Jagex whined and said they did N'T have some backups saved besides from 2007 and that's why 07 scape premiered - However now they've confirmed that they do possess more copies before EOC and are currently using a few of the models for OSRS Soul Wars.Runescape game has been dead before EoC, EoC was the thing that created Runescape game unplayable for most Runescape players. There is is not any reason to wipe Runescape match and produce a new one with 2012. Having a 2012 back-up doesn't mean it is functional enough to be made into a whole game. There's more that goes into it than immediately jumping on 1 paragraph in a post.

No dude. 2006scape was desired by Nearly all at the time, partly in the server. Thats why the neighborhood called it 2007scape. Jagex didnt have a 2006 backup and stated aug 2007 was the furthest they could do. If jagex didnt back up pre eoc, it would have been exceptionally dumb. People today figure out ways to Old School RuneScape Gold delete accs or wipe their stats. They would definitely have had the copy of rs2 in the preceding week.
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