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About Rocket League controls

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По умолчанию About Rocket League controls

Rocket League has many controls and a few aren’t even sure to the controller to start with, like air roll left and air roll right. Change these up in order that you'll be faster at making your car go where you would like it to. But albeit you accompany the default controller setup, changing your boost to a special button which will allow you to trigger it with a special finger to the one you employ to leap will cause you to faster at getting off the bottom in most situations.

You should also find a convenient spot for ‘air roll left’ or ‘air roll right’ as that unlocks the power to try to to the very scary – and nigh impossible to consistently achieve – tornado flick. That move is so advanced that this guide doesn’t even cover it… however, having that manoeuvrability handy will allow you to realize subsequent move in our tips list.

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rocket league items

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