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Animal Crossing - Event Calendar of Animal Crossing New Horizons

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По умолчанию Animal Crossing - Event Calendar of Animal Crossing New Horizons

The release of Animal Crossing New Horizons is certainly an honest remedy for players in quarantine when the deadly Covid-19 disease is outspread everywhere the planet . It gives players an honest option to shake the pressure of life temporarily also because the uncertainty during an epidemic . Here is an occasion calendar for Animal Crossing New Horizons, including the present ongoing ones.

Introduction of Animal Crossing New Horizons Events

Nintendo outlined a replacement version for players to expect within the next two months. additionally to new features and visitors, the developer also developed a number of events from April to the top of June, including Nature Day, May Day Tour, International Museum Day and Wedding Season. we'll introduce each of them to you.

Nature Day (April 23 - May 4) (Ended)

According to a Nintendo Direct mini broadcast, it had been actually a celebration of Earth Day on April 22. During this event, players can check special Nature Day themed Noook Miles challenges that are focused on nature-inpsired goals, like planting trees, watering flowers and taking advantage of a replacement feature- the power to plant shrubs.

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