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A beastly new set boss and 80-player fight to bring down

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По умолчанию A beastly new set boss and 80-player fight to bring down

A beastly new set boss and 80-player fight to OSRS gold bring down it launching in Old School RuneScape today. Along with some new combat mechanisms to handle, The Nightmare of all Ashihama group boss battle brings the chance to catch some rewards.

The Nightmare is a monster that has made their home in Morytania, below Slepe's in-game city, as declared by programmer Jagex -- and it is causing a few problems. It is the first ever group boss special to the classic-style MMORPG which"includes a co-op attention", as stated by the devs in a press release.

You'll have the ability to attack the Nightmare in teams of up to 80 players at a time. As you can technically take down it solo, and the problem scales with the size of the present group, the studio says"only the very best" will have the ability to kill The Nightmare alone -- so it might be a good idea to team up and take it down together.

Best of all, the studio announces,"Every player who participate in the fight will receive their own reward, and so that no-one needs to scramble to claim the best loot" -- and there is plenty up for grabs, including advantages that are unique. After the beast expires it's has a prospect of dropping a single thing the better the chance it is going to be.

There's an Inquisitor's Mace that does plenty of damage and does not degrade, a Nightmare Staff and best buy osrs gold three unique Orbs -- Harmonised, Volatile, and Eldridtch, each with their particular effects -- and three bits of Inquisitor's armour to be earned.
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